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Technology these days is a part of our daily lives, and disruptive technologies such as 3d fabrication & rapid prototyping, machine learning & artificial intelligence, service robots, and sensors platforms are creating the "Internet of Things" present the next round of imminent opportunities. We look on the horizon and utilize this to deliver innovative new products.

Brian Horakh

Fearless Leader

Shihan Yu

China Operations

Project: GrowBot.online

A residential "smart" (sensor integrated) cloud-monitored aero-ponics application.

Project: RoboVend.Tech

A craft-beer and small plate vending and cloud payment system using RFID bracelets.

Project: 1way.fun

An online reservation system for one way self-driven transportation between two or more points, with maintenance and crm customer profiles.

Our Services


Rapid prototype, business plan review, proof of concept.


AWS Cloud, React, and Mobile Apps.


Agile-Extreme Delivery, Test Driven Development, and amazing User Experience.


If anything happens, we will be there. Global asynchronous workforce.

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